1122 Bradway Road
North Pole, Alaska 99705
Phone:   (907) 459-4820
Fax:   (907) 459-4825

General Manager/ 
Precast Manager:  
Ryan Johnson
Mobile:   (907) 322-3550
E-Mail:   Ryan.Johnson@kniferiver.com
Rebar Manager: Adam Garber
Mobile:   (907) 322-3549
E-Mail:   Adam.Garber@kniferiver.com
Detailer/ Sales:   TBA
Mobile:   (907) 750-7484

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Fairbanks Precast & Rebar

Fairbanks Precast & Rebar (FPR), located in North Pole, Alaska, has a large selection of Standard Concrete Products in stock.

FPR also supplies Custom Concrete Products, built to your specifications. We have the flexibility to help design new precast concrete solutions, produce detailed shop drawings, build forms or use existing forms, and manufacture what is needed.

Whether it is rebar, welded wire mesh, or smooth round stock you are looking for, Fairbanks Precast & Rebar is also here for all your Steel Reinforcing needs.

As an American-owned and Alaskan-operated business, we pride ourselves on our 100% Made in America products.

Precast Concrete Barriers Crane & Rebar Shear Line

Our Product Lines:

  Precast Standard Products:
  Precast Custom Order Products

  Reinforced Steel Products (Rebar)

We Are Here To Answer Your Questions:
Precast Manager: Ryan Johnson
Office:   (907) 459-4820
Mobile:   (907) 322-3550
E-Mail:   Ryan.Johnson@kniferiver.com

"I grew up on a large small-grains farm located in north central North Dakota. In 1990, after graduating from North Dakota State University in Fargo I moved to Anchorage, Alaska where I worked at Precast Concrete Company. In 2005, I took advantage of an opportunity to relocate my family to Fairbanks so I could manage Fairbanks Precast & Rebar. We really enjoy living in the beautiful Fairbanks area -even with the cold winters.

Please contact me with any questions you may have regarding concrete products. We have many standard products or we can help you design a custom product that would work best for your specific project."

Rebar Manager:   Adam Garber
Office:   (907) 459-4820
Mobile:   (907) 322-3549
E-Mail:   Adam.Garber@anchsand.com

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about concrete reinforcement. We stock a large variety of rebar and mesh sizes, and I will be happy to help you find any specialty items."


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