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  Blok-Guard & Graffiti Control
  Bright Rock Sealer
  Mapefinish Wet Look
  Paver Enhancer
  Solvent Seal 1315

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Waterproof Coating

    ThoroSeal® Foundation Coating

ThoroSeal Foundation Coating® is a cement-based, heavy-duty waterproof coating, designed specifically to waterproof the exterior surface of concrete and masonry foundations below grade. (ThoroSeal® Foundation Coating is not intended as a decorative finish coat.) Normally applied with an ordinary coarse-fibered brush, ThoroSeal® Foundation Coating becomes an integral part of the concrete or masonry surface, not merely a film covering.

Prod.# DescriptionPackagingCoverage
BA 100 6373ThoroSeal® Foundation Coating50 lbs Bag 2 lbs /sq yd

Dampproof Coating

    Sealmastic™ Emulsion

SealmasticTM Emulsion-type dampproofing is a breather-type that permits moisture vapor to escape through the film, while remaining resistant to water penetration. This prevents blistering of applied films. The product can be applied to green concrete (not totally dry).

Type II - Brush-On/ Spray-Grade is an asphalt-based, clay emulsion with fibers specifically formulated to offer a tight film that combines both excellent strength and resistance to water.

USE: SealmasticTM Emulsion coatings are ideal for reducing dampness and moisture infiltration through foundation walls, parapets, fire walls, tanks, culverts, cisterns and bridge abutments. They are also applicable for stone-backing, above-grade cavity wall applications and below-grade masonry wall dampproofing. The SealmasticTM product line also helps to minimize internal structural damage from mildew and mold.

Prod.# DescriptionPackagingCoverage
WR 365 0005SealmasticTM Emulsion, Type II - Brush-On/ Spray-Grade5 gal PailSee Product Information

Coatings / Sealers

    Blok-Guard® &
    Graffiti Control (Sure Klean)

Blok-Guard® and Graffiti Control is a clear, solvent-based silicone elastomer formulated to weatherproof concrete block and other porous masonry materials. It protects masonry surfaces from repeated graffiti attacks without altering the natural appearance. It penetrates and fills pores to prevent water penetration through exterior walls exposed to normal weathering. Graffiti removal is fast and easy using Defacer Eraser® Graffiti Wipe. Blok-Guard® and Graffiti Control is easy to apply with low-pressure spray, brush or roller.


  • Treated surfaces resist penetration of most types of graffiti.
  • Simplifies graffiti removal.
  • Effective protection for hard-to-seal surfaces.
  • Controls rainwater penetration through exterior block walls.
  • Helps control efflorescence, mildew and other moisture-related stains.
  • Treated surfaces exhibit excellent surface beading and withstand extreme temperatures.
  • Treated surfaces 'breathe'.
  • Excellent UV stability.
Prod.# DescriptionPackagingCoverage
PS 400930 1GALBlok-Guard® and Graffiti Control1 gal See Product Information
PS 400930 5GALBlok-Guard® and Graffiti Control5 gal

    Bright Rock Sealer

A methyl methacrylate, water-clear plexiglass shield for exposed aggregate and precast, formulated with scientifically selected polymers for moisture repellence and high resistance to abrasion.


  • 100 % Non-Yellowing
  • Excellent breathability
  • Makes surfaces self-cleaning with rainfall
  • ASTM-C-1315 concrete curing membrane.

USAGE: Chemically seals:

  • Exposed aggregate
  • Precast
  • Concrete
  • Mortar
  • Stone
  • Dry wall
  • Rockface
  • Marblecrete
  • Tilt-up
  • Adobe
  • Stucco
  • Asbestos.
  • Prod.# DescriptionPackaging Coverage
    UN BRIGHTROCK1 Bright Rock Sealer1 gal 200 - 300
    sq ft/ gal
    UN BRIGHTROCK5 Bright Rock Sealer5 gal

        MapefinishTM Wet Look

    MapefinishTM Wet Look is a one-part, water-based, transparent, high-gloss sealer designed for protecting and enhancing colors in all concrete surfaces – from highly textured stamped concrete to smooth self-leveling toppings.

    MapefinishTM Wet Look utilizes acrylic urethane hybrid resins that offer superior abrasion, blush and slip resistance, outperforming most solvent-based acrylics and many urethane dispersions.

    MapefinishTM Wet Look is low in VOCs, odor-free, non- yellowing and permeable to water vapor, making it perfect for application on both interior and exterior concrete surfaces. With its superior performance combined with user-friendly application, MapefinishTM Wet Look is an ideal sealer for concrete and masonry.

    Prod.# DescriptionPackagingCoverage
    MP 3166 8000 MapefinishTM Wet Look5 gal150 - 350 sq ft/ gal
    see Product Info

        Paver Enhancer (Sure Klean)

    Paver Enhancer is a solvent-based blend of high-quality siloxanes modified to provide excellent water repellency and color enhancement to interlocking concrete, fired clay, porous tile and many types of natural stone surfaces. Paver Enhancer penetrates and reacts with the surface to form a chemical bond, providing long-term durability, alkali resistance and superior breathability.


    • Provides excellent color enhancement.
    • Controls rainwater penetration through hard-to-seal surfaces.
    • Helps control efflorescence, and moisture- and traffic-related staining.
    • Simplifies cleaning.
    • Low odor.
    • Treated surfaces “breathe” – does not trap moisture.Limitations
    Prod.# DescriptionPackagingCoverage
    PS 350050 1GALPaver Enhancer1 galSee Product Overview
    PS 350050 5GALPaver Enhancer5 gal

        Siloxane WB Concentrate

    Siloxane WB Concentrate (Sure Klean) is a self-emulsifying water repellent concentrate designed for dilution with fresh water at the jobsite. This solvent-free blend of silanes and oligomeric alkoxysiloxanes mixes easily with water to produce a penetrating water repellent ideal for application to dense or porous masonry surfaces. Siloxane WB can also be used as a primer to even out porosity and improve adhesion of BMC® Breathable Masonry Coatings.

    An effective alternative to conventional solvent-based silanes or siloxanes, Siloxane WB penetrates and chemically bonds deep within the masonry substrate to provide long-lasting protection against water-related staining or deterioration. Will not darken, produce a surface film or impair the natural breathing characteristics of treated surfaces.

    Prod.# DescriptionPackagingCoverage
    PS 400250 1QTSiloxane WB Concentrate1 quart See Product Information
    PS 400250 1GALSiloxane WB Concentrate1 gal

        Solvent Seal 1315

    A VOC-compliant, non-yellowing acrylic curing and sealing compound for all horizontal concrete floors. It contains proprietary UV stabilizers and 78% more solids than ASTM-C-309 cures. Covers 50% more than ASTM-C-309 cures, and applied costs are 30% less.


    • The only acrylic to spray down to 20°F/-7°C
    • High gloss
    • VOC-compliant
    • Will not freeze
    • Reliable, economical
    • Helps prevent efflorescence
    • Retards moisture exchange, giving additional protection for tile, paint, carpeting
    Prod.# DescriptionPackaging Coverage
    UN 13151 Solvent Seal 13151 gal PailNew concrete:
    300 sq ft/ gal

    Aged concrete:
    400-600 sq ft/ gal
    UN 13155 Solvent Seal 13155 gal Pail
    UN 131555 Solvent Seal 131555 gal Drum

    Product Line

        Coatings Product Line

    Color Stable Coatings (Aliphatic)
    POLYQuik Aliphatic Coatings offer superb UV resistance for applications with stringent color requirements. Suitable for outdoor and indoor applications, our color stable coatings have ultra low or zero VOC content. These fast-curing coatings offer quick turnaround times resulting in substantial savings in both application time and labor costs.

    Floor Coatings
    POLYQuik floor coatings offer excellent abrasion, corrosion, and UV and chemical resistance. These rapid-curing coatings offer quick turnaround times resulting in substantial savings in both application time and labor costs. POLYQuik floor coatings can be combined with colored chip, flake and aggregate for decorative application, while sand and other aggregates can be incorporated for industrial applications where slip-resistance is essential.

    Spray Coatings
    POLYQuik spray elastomers are tough, fast-curing coatings that are 100% solids, and offer excellent resistance to abrasion, corrosion, UV, and chemicals. POLYQuik spray elastomers are tailored for applications, whether it is OEM or construction, and they are based on polyurea (P-series) or hybrid polyurea technology (HPU-series). These flexible coatings can be applied on almost any substrate including concrete, metal, wood, and geotextiles to create geomembranes for earthen areas. In all of these markets, POLYQuik spray elastomers offer unique properties and substantial savings in application time and labor.

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